Tekinler Foreign Trade Company Limited was founded on 1991 in Mersin, and it performs legumes and cereals, goods manufacturing, import, export, transit and internal trade.
Our company prepares many agricultural products principally as cereals and legumes in its own facilities under control of quality control supervisors and engineers and presents to TURKEY and WORLD markets with " PIRLANTA " brand. Export of our PIRLANTA branded products is mainly made to European countries, Northern and Southern America Countries, Northern African and Middle East countries.


Our Vision & Mission

To present our products to our consumers in a healthy condition without sacrificing quality. To utilize sources in the most efficient way, reduce costs and increase quality in the entire process from supply process to processing and marketing of manufactured products. To give importance to cooperation with supplier companies for sustaining our quality identified with " PIRLANTA " brand. To accept the customer satisfaction as our main principle based on the saying of "Customer is Always Right ".
to enhance our products diversity by considering market need and consumer tendencies. To give importance to state of the art machineries in our production lines.

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